Parka-style spring overall

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Autumn-spring overall withe reflective fabric upper part💜

This spring overall-imitating a parka and trousers provides the comfort of a classic overall while being truly classy. The spring overall is weatherproof and perfect both for being active in the kindergarten yard as well as for enjoying muddier days. The Active and ActivePlus fabrics used for the upper parts of the overall, respectively, are highly waterproof and breathable, ensuring maximum comfort at all times. The lower part in darker colours helps avoid the inconvenience of constant washing as it hides small stains and looks good even when mud is a problem. The bottom seams of the overall are taped and help the child’s clothing to remain dry even during active play. The waterproof surface of the fabric protects from wind and rain, does not become deformed and handles regular washing, maintaining its original qualities. The safe snap-fastened hood detaches from the product if it gets stuck. The product design features reflective details, which make your child visible even when it is dark outside.

Upper part Active and lower part Active+. Our high-tech fabrics have a waterproof membrane which prevents water from coming through the product. At the same time it has the ability to evaporate sweat. ◆Water resistance: water column 5000/10 000 mm ◆Breathability: water vapour transmission rate 5000/10 000 g/m²/24h ◆Wind resistance: air permeability 0 l/m²s ◆Water and soil reprellency: DWR coating (Durable Water Repellent)
WARM ** insulation is the best choice for cool weather. Perfect for temperatures 0..+10°C. This wadding is made of recycled materials, reducing the need to overly consume natural resources. Tip: Check the „feels like“ temperature. Factors like wind and humidity play a great role on how cold you feel and you might need to use an extra layer.
Adjustable waist for better fit. Great way to accentuate waistline or make bigger size fit better.
Bottom seams of the overall are taped for extra protection from moisture.
Bottom seams of the overall are taped for extra protection from moisture.
Loop for attaching the reflector.
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