Sporty Softshell jacket

Product code: 20260A 229
The Le-Company jacket with a high neckline and weatherproof hood is a good choice for school, working out or going out with friends. Elastic Softshell fabric is comfortable and keeps away the cold, wind and rain, at the same time ensuring maximum freedom of movement. The wearer is protected from treacherous spring winds by the high neckline and hood.

WARM ** insulation is the best choice for cool weather. Perfect for temperatures 0..+10°C. This wadding is made of recycled materials, reducing the need to overly consume natural resources. Tip: Check the „feels like“ temperature. Factors like wind and humidity play a great role on how cold you feel and you might need to use an extra layer.
Softshell 10 000/10 000 fabric - waterproof, water repellent, breathable, windproof
Loop for attaching the reflector.
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